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Founded and established in May 2008, PingDingShan BaoCheng Carbon Co., Ltd., we are headquartered in the heart of Pingdingshan, Henan, China. We have been established on the motto of “Quality First – Service First.” We are an integrated service company dedicated to professional manufacturing and international trading. We have a significant versatility regarding our product lines. We are engaged in the provision of the best quality and most reliable graphite rods and blocks, in addition to graphite machining products. We believe in continuous improvement and well-researched innovation of the products, thus, exceeding the customer expectations. We are known as the best graphite tube manufacturers because of our persistent quality. We ensure the defined standards for zero defects and commit to providing the zero complaint products as a part of our quality objective.

Our Products

Best quality products – Most reasonable price!

PingDingShan BaoCheng Carbon Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of the most reliable and high-quality graphite products. We have an excellent record of meeting the customer expectations by providing above the top quality backed up by the exceptional longevity of the products. We have perfected our service by making the best quality products readily available at the most reasonable prices. We cater to the customized needs of the customers by implementing the advanced integration techniques and close communication, thus, understanding the customer’s needs and accomplishing the customer-defined benchmarks.

Why gives us a competitive edge?

PingDingShan BaoCheng Carbon Co., Ltd. is one of the most well-integrated and highly skilled graphite tube suppliers in the international market. We have been certified with the manufacturing ISO 9001 and ISO 9000 certificates. From manufacturing to processing and accomplishing the best trading benchmarks, we have it all achieved as well as sustained.

Our unique production lines

We are especially skilled in the production and processing of graphite blocks, graphite rods, graphite tubes, graphite machining products, graphite rings, graphite bearings, isolated graphite, extruded graphite, molded graphite, graphite electrode, graphite rotor, graphite plates, graphite crucibles, graphite screws and much more. We make sure that the products are well-defined, durable, and inclusive of the highest purity.

The industries that we have addressed

Our market is not defined. The world is our ground for service provision. Since our establishment, our production lines have been treated as the primary vitalities in many industries and a high range of application such as EDM, photovoltaic, monocrystalline silicon, semi-conductor, atomic energy, electric furnace, chemical, metallurgy, military enterprises, aviation, quartz industry, biomedical industry and many more.

Our primary mantra is customer satisfaction

What makes us different is the way we understand and decode the customer’s needs and requirements. We have been established with the fundamental principle of “Customer First,” thus, customer satisfaction has become our mission. We are devoted to providing the top quality and highly reliable graphite products because we work to gain maximum customer satisfaction and sustain it. We have been regarded as the best as well as highly skilled graphite tube suppliers because we treat each customer as an individual responsibility. We deliver value-added products backed up with quality and durability. Looping the quality with reasonable and budget-friendly price rates adds a cherry on top. We provide quality to gain trust, thus, achieving a mutual win-win.

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Our mission is to satisfy all of our customers. Each customer is unique. Working with each customer based on their requirements will allow us to deliver value-added products and achieve win-win cooperation.